OUR PASSION IS ROBOTICS. We develop fun robotic kits and sensors for Raspberry Pi, Arduino and LEGO Mindstorms.


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  • EV3

    We have developed a library for EV3 and Dexter Industries sensors. Our library is completely open source and you can see everything in ouropen source github repository.

  • Arduberry Airhorn

    The Arduberry Airhorn project connects the web and a set of industrial air horns to alert us when a new backer backs our Kickstarter project.

  • BrickPi Bookreader

    The BrickPi Bookreader 2 is a robotic book reader that uses the BrickPi and LEGOs to read a paper book out loud to you. Build this robot now!


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Our latest products for the Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and LEGO Mindstorms NXT and EV3.

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  • Tutorial Technical Writer

    Dexter Industries looking for someone with some Raspberry Pi experience interested in helping us write up some tutorials.  We’ll have the project thought out and designed, but we’ll need someone who’s interested in writing the steps to build the project out so others can follow and do the project themselves. Must Have Skills: Must have used […]

  • GoPiGo at MakerCon 2015


    MakerCon 2015 wrapped up last Wednesday night, after a jam packed two days from 8am-midnight. Check out our Twitter & Periscope feeds for the live videos we shot during the conference. We are honored to have been chosen as a finalist in the Launch Pad competition, and congratulate the winners, BotFactory, which makes 3D printed […]

  • Challenges with Raspberry Pi in Shanghai


    We ran a Raspberry Pi Workshop a few weeks ago in Shanghai. Many thanks to Craig Curtis for really making this happen!  During the workshop, we attempted to do the Python intro found here: https://www.raspberrypi.org/learning/python-intro/  …and we ran into problems when we ran the command: wget http://goo.gl/0ZDOdX -O intro.py –no-check-certificate We discovered that this short link was […]

  • Dexter’s new COO focusing on customer experience and supply chain.

    Taryn Bio pic sm

    Hi, I’m Taryn Sullivan, the newest member of the Dexter Industries team. You may have seen a few blog posts and pictures of me recently, so thought it was time to introduce myself to our awesome community and customers. I’m thrilled to join such a dynamic and growing company building the tools that enable everyone to […]

  • Hacking the Worm Brain with a GoPiGo and Raspberry Pi

    c elegans neurons map

    The C Elegans worm is one of the most-studied animals in science.  In neurobiology, it’s the most basic brain model scientists use to study how the brain works.  Now you can have a robot that thinks like one! The C Elegans worm brain has been brought to the Raspberry Pi Robot.  The Connectome project has […]

  • GoPiGo and Java

    Java: Now on the GoPiGo

    Hot of the heels of our NodeJS announcement, GoPiGo is getting yet another language: Java.  The library was added by prolific adder Marcello Barile.  Thank you Marcello!  You can now write Raspberry Pi robot programs in Java! Get Started You can find the full Java library for the GoPiGo in Github here.  If you pull […]

  • GoPiGo in Node.js and C


    When we originally designed the GoPiGo, we wrote the software in Python.  We did this because it’s an easy language to use and to learn.  One of the major advantages of making open source hardware is that our community can help open up new things for our hardware.  Folks have taken some of our projects and really […]

  • GoPiGo learns how to play at the Sandbox Summit 2015

    Sandbox Summit 2015

    The Sandbox Summit, a two-day educational conference, was held at one of MIT’s beautiful creative buildings in Cambridge, MA. It opened with a “do whatever you want”-version of patty cake, which got everyone on their feet, and ended with everyone dancing around to “Happy”. I know that may sound more like an Amway or Cutco […]

  • Using Weaved on the Raspberry Pi: Unleash the Internet of Things


    There’s this cool new thing, you might have heard of: the Internet of Things.  You’ve probably seen lots of commercials from the likes of IBM or Samsung about how your dishwasher will be connected to your car, and your toilet will become wired to your telephone and your toaster will know your playlist. The future […]

  • GrovePi+ Starter Kit

    GrovePi Kit with Package

    This month we’re re-introducing the GrovePi+ Starter Kit.  The starter kit us updated with a new set of sensors, and the new GrovePi+ board.  It comes in a handsome plastic case, along with printed instructions on how to get started. New in the Starter Kit Most notably, we’ve added a beautiful set of color printed instructions […]

  • Controlling Lionel Trains with the Raspberry Pi

    Lionel Train Control with the Raspberry Pi

    What happens when you take an old Lionel model train system and add some web-control?  This week, we set out to control a Lionel model train set with the Raspberry Pi. In this project, we go step by step through the parts, hardware, and software to control a Lionel model train set over the web. We […]

  • The Raspberry Pi 2 Will Work With Dexter Industries Products

    Raspberry Pi 2 courtesy of the Raspberry Pi Foundation

    TLDR: Our Products Work with the Raspberry Pi 2 Too long, didn’t read the rest of the post:  all of our boards and robots work with the Raspberry Pi 2 – just needs a simple update. The GoPiGo, the BrickPi, the GrovePi, and the Arduberry will all work with the new Raspberry Pi 2, but you have […]

  • Unboxing the Raspberry Pi 2

    Raspberry Pi 2 Model B+ and robotics.

    We received a Raspberry Pi 2 from Newark this morning!  John was so excited. Notable Differences There’s a chip on the bottom! The Raspberry Pi 2 ships with a nice little instruction booklet.  This should be really helpful for new users. Notable Similarities Fortunately for us, the Raspberry Pi B+ and the Raspberry Pi 2 […]

  • Raspberry Pi Computer Vision Tutorial for the BrickPi

    OpenCV is open vision for the Raspberry Pi.

    What if your robot could “see” the world around it? One of the most “eye-opening” things you can do with your robot project is to add vision.  This is commonly called computer vision, and has recently been made affordable by the dropping cost of digital cameras (thanks to the massive amounts of smartphones being cranked out!). Even […]

  • Our Favorite Raspberry Pi Projects with the GoPiGo

    GoPiGo Raspberry Pi Robot and the PS3 Controller from the Playstation Game sytsem

    We set out a few months ago to make it easy to turn your Raspberry Pi into a Robot.  We wanted to make getting started as easy and as quick as possible, especially for beginners.  Over the past two months, we’ve published a few tutorials on projects you can use with the GoPiGo. No technology is useful when […]

  • New BrickPi Raspberry Pi Case for the Model B+

    BrickPi B+ Case

    We’ve just added a new Raspberry Pi Case to our lineup, the BrickPi B+ Case.  This new Raspberry Pi Case offers a few advantages over the standard case that ships with the BrickPi Advanced: LEGO Mounting on all 6 sides. Case protection on all 6 sides. Cleaner fit with the Model B+ Raspberry Pi. This […]

  • Updated Scratch for the BrickPi (and other Graphical Programming Languages!)

    BlockyTalky for the BrickPi and Raspberry Pi

    We’ve just updated our instructions and improved Scratch for the BrickPi.  It’s now simpler than ever to get started making and programming a Scratch Raspberry Pi Robot! What’s Changed with Scratch?   This summer, we devoted a bit of effort to updating the the BrickPi software.  It’s now easier to install, and easier to program with. […]

  • (Re)Introducing the GrovePi

    GrovePi and sensors for the Raspberry Pi

    This month we’re re-introducing the GrovePi, telling everyone about how awesome the GrovePi is, and re-introducing our redesigned GrovePi Starter Kit. What’s the GrovePi? GrovePi connects your Raspberry Pi to the Grove Sensor System. No soldering or breadboard.  Your Raspberry Pi computer enters the physical world.  Think of it as LEGO for electronics.  The Grovepi Starter Kit […]

  • EV3 Sensors and the BrickPi

    EV3 Sensors and the BrickPi

    Looking for adventure? Last month we quietly released a beta version of the BrickPi firmware that will allow you to use EV3 sensors and the BrickPi.  We wanted to invite all that are interested pushing the state of the art further to give the firmware a test. (more…)