Posts tagged with ‘new sensor’

Posts tagged with ‘new sensor’

  • linefollowerinaction

    New Product Alert: A Re-Designed Line Follower Sensor!

    Check out our Re-Designed Line Follower Sensor!  Dexter Industries has offered a line follower for our robots for a long time. The line follower has done its job, but we decided there was room for improvement. Here is what changed, why and how it will affect you! At First Glance The new line follower is now black instead of...

  • Entering_Wifi_message into a Google Chrome Browser

    WIFI Week: Setting Up a Webserver

    Setting up a webserver for your MINDSTORMS robot can be done now with the Dexter Industries Wifi sensor.  A few months back, Botbench setup an incredible example of a webserver.  This example is based largely off the work done there. Today we will walk through the steps to setup a webserver.  We will illustrate this with a super-simple example:...