Segway Roundup with the dIMU

To finish off our week of dIMU posts, we thought we’d share some videos.  One of the most amazing things you can make with the dIMU is a balancing robot, similar to a Segway.  We’ve all seen this before, but here is a roundup of different Segways that you can build, some bloopers from when we first got started, and a video of Darth Vader riding around on his own dIMU Enabled AnyWay.

Matt Allen has put together more than a few Segways.  Matt has posted the code to his NXT Segway program in NXC.  You can find the code on his website here:

Matt Allen also posted this really impressive video of his latest invention:  the NXShield Segway that uses the dIMU.  His site has the code up and some great views of the dIMU.

A video of his work can be seen here:

This is a video of the Segway that Xander built:

And finally, some outtakes from our builds the past few weeks. These look kind of funny when they fall!


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