RoboCupJunior Discount: NXTBee

NXTBee for Robocup JR Soccer Competitions

RoboCupJunior for the NXTBeeDiscount on NXTBee for RoboCupJunior teams!  If you are a RoboCupJunior team that would like to use the NXTBee for communications between LEGO™ MINDSTORMS™ NXT’s in your competitions, we want to support you.

NXTBee’s are communications devices that use the XBee radios.  They can communicate faster, farther, and easier than many other devices.  XBee’s are THE standard for swarm robotics.  Teams will find them useful for any competitions (like Soccer!) that require communications between robots.

NXTBee and RoboCupJunior Soccer!Why are we announcing this now?  We recently learned about a change in RoboCupJunior rules.  Previously, Zigbee communications (which the NXTBee uses) were not allowed.  Recently, those rules have changed.  Last week we posted about a discount for the Thermal Infrared Sensor, and we wanted to offer the same discount for the NXTBee.

As we said in our post last week:

We would like to offer any RoboCupJunior Rescue teams a discount of 10% on a NXTBee sensor.  We will send a discount coupon for 10% off through our website to any competing team that would like to use our sensor.  All you have to do is contact us through our “Contact Us” page, tell us about your team, and we’ll send you a coupon through our store.

  • You must be a team or part of a team planning to compete in the RoboCupJunior Competitions.
  • This offer will last for a month:  ending April 14th.

We’d also like to offer any technical support.  If you send us a question or need some help with the NXTBee sensor, we will answer back as quickly as possible.

Good luck to all the teams this year!


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