Project: Thermal Infrared Turret Bot

Turret Bot using the Thermal Infrared Sensor by Dexter Industries and the dFlex

A very cool project from a student at Tufts using the TIR sensor and the dFlex sensor.  Geovid writes:

The Turret project will use a heat sensor and motors to find a person in a room and then shoot them with a rubber band.  V1 will be a standstill turret that rotates and shoots – hopefully done either today or tomorrow.

V1 is complete! The turret bot now rotates and finds an infrared source (heat) and fires a rubber band at it.  The flex sensor also works to turn the bot around.  I completely remade the structure to increase the support so that the motor couldn’t rip it apart anymore.

The project can be found here.

Check out the video below!


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