Altimeter for Lego MINDSTORMS NXT

Satellites for LEGO MINDSTORMS NXTWe’ve just updated our firmware for the dGPS and it now has functions for some new, important information.  When your Lego MINDSTORMS NXT powers up and plugs in, it can now tell you:

  • GPS Altitude:  Now you can read the altitude function in the dGPS sensor.  This function is not as accurate as horizontal measurements, but with enough satellites in view, it can provide a relatively accurate altitude.  Your NXT is now an altimeter.
  • Satellites In View:  Ever wondered if where you’re standing is causing an inaccuracy in your GPS reading?  Now you can get a better fix on how many satellites are in view and how accurate your reading is.
  • HDOP:  (Horizontal Dilution of Precision.)  This function gives a reading of just how accurate your reading is.

We’ve also added another bell/whistle: a blinking LED.  When you power up your dGPS, the blue LED (signal-acquired LED) blinks 3 times, letting you know the firmware is properly installed and the sensor has started up.

We have been shipping dGPS GPS Sensor for Lego MINDSTORMS NXT with this new firmware since July.

You can download RobotC and NXT-G blocks for the new functions in our downloads section.


  1. KENAN KILICASLAN August 26, 2012

    Dear Sir,

    I want to buy dGPS sensor. What is the accuracy of the sensor. Must be calibrated at a later date?


    • Dexter Industries August 27, 2012

      The dGPS can read your position within about 3 meters or so at best. The accuracy depends on the number of satellites in view and obstructions in the area. It does not need to be calibrated.

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