Obstacle Avoidance Using the NXTBee (Video)

NXTBee Obstacle Avoidance

We were alerted to this awesome video of the NXTBee: obstacle avoidance.  The NXTBee is used to send data back to a computer where it is processed and gives commands on how to proceed.  

latunes76 writes:

Demonstration of an autonomously obstacle avoiding robot, constructed with the Lego NXT 2.0 platform. It utilizes 3 motors (2 for tires, 1 for the sensor), 1 ultrasonic sensor, and 1 XBee Series 1 attached via a NXTBee. The XBee is for sending sensor data to, and receiving commands from, a remote PC. The PC is executing a program that is interpreting the data from the robot, and sending it instructions about how to move. This distributed architecture allows for more intense processing to be performed on a more powerful computer, while the robot has only minimal processing requirements–just enough to send data to the PC and to execute commands it receives.

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  1. Ezu July 24, 2013

    Interesting Lego project. I added your robot into my article about advanced Lego NXT robotic projects

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