AnyWay Building Instructions and Program

AnyWay with the dIMU.

Today we look at Laurens Valk’s AnyWay Segway, with the dIMU as the stabilizing sensor.  This project uses the dIMU to stabilize itself and remain upright.   The project takes less than 30 minutes to build and is one of the coolest things you can make with your LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT.

Many of us have seen the balancing Segways, made of LEGO MINDSTORMS, on Youtube.  Now you can build one yourself.  Laurens has developed some easy-to-follow plans for assembling the AnyWay.  He has also created some easy to modify programs for bulding the AnyWay with the dIMU.   The plans are very easy to follow and the complicated programming that balances the robot is already done for you!

With the dIMU, unlike other sensors, you need not calibrate before starting.  The AnyWay with the dIMU can be set straight up, and run.  No calibration necessary.

The plans can be found on his website here:

The whole building and programming project takes less than 30 minutes.  The best part is that the program is easy to modify: there are two examples where the balancing is taken care of, and the change in position or rotation is easily commanded.  We will show you a more advanced version of the AnyWay tomorrow.  In the meantime, check out Laurens plans, build your own Segway, and like us on Facebook.

Oh, and check out the awesome videos below!


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