A second way to win a dIMU this week . . .


Guy NXT DoorAnother way to win a dIMU this week!  Visit Guy NXT Door’s website to enter!  Aswin wants ideas, and if you submit the best one, he’ll send you a free dIMU.

Do you have a nice application for this sensor? Submit your plan in a reply to this blog. The most original or inspiring idea will be rewarded with this advanced sensor. I am to judge the submitted idea’s and to point out the winner. If you like a particular submission very much you can respond to this. You might be able to influence my decision.

So go to Aswin’s blog and submit your ideas!

Now, a second way for you to win one of these.


  1. Fred Mc November 29, 2011

    I’ve always enjoyed watching tightrope walkers.
    It would be so cool to design a 2 wheeled dIMU controlled bot to carefully run on a tightened rope using a balance pole with the shift on the pole adjusted by the dIMU for counterbalance.
    (of course, a safety net would be used….as cruelty to bots is both counter productive and, downright inhuman, lol)

  2. Jay December 6, 2011

    Has this been awarded yet?

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