New Product: NXTBee USB Adapter

Today we’re releasing the NXTBee USB Adapter.  We wanted to add this product because of some of the cool projects out there that can only be done by communicating through the NXTBee and your computer.

The NXTBee USB is a radio for communicating with your NXTBee devices, allowing you to send and receive information to the NXTBee from your computer. Send data to your NXT, receive data from yuor NXT.

The adapter comes in two flavors: NXTBee and NXTBee PRO.  Each comes with a Mini-USB cord to connect the adapter to your computer.

So what can you do with the NXTBee USB?  Here’s an example we put together a few months ago with Laurens Segway.

And here’s an example of a remote controlled submersible LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT that uses the NXTBee, coupled to a computer.


  1. Luis December 23, 2012

    I put together an obstacle avoiding robot using a NXTBee and an XBee radio on my computer. You can watch a video of that project here:

    • Dexter Industries December 26, 2012

      Hey Luis,
      Thanks for posting this! We will try to do a blog post about it for the new year, it’s a very cool demonstration! If you have any more, please share!

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