Introducing the BrickPi+

BrickPi+ assembeld Tank - 2

This week we’re introducing the BrickPi+.  The BrickPi+ is a new design for the BrickPi with a bunch of new features and improvements.  The BrickPi+ adds new functionality, allowing you to use the latest version of LEGO sensors with the Raspberry Pi.  Our new design is built off a lot of the feedback and communication we’ve had with customers over the past year with the BrickPi.


Major improvements in this design include:

  • Compatibility with EV3 sensors.
  • Improved motor protection.
  • Battery monitoring.
  • A beautiful, enclosed case with sensor and motor markings.
  • A more robust power connection.


First and foremost, we’ve completely overhauled the firmware to work with the latest EV3 sensors.

The new hardware has much stronger protection of the motors from overheating and back-EMF.  We’ve added a larger, stronger set of motor controller chips on the BrickPi+ with more electrical protections.

You can now monitor the battery on the BrickPi!  One request we had from customers was to be able to determine battery strength.  We now have a chip to measure the voltage of the battery pack, which is representative of the power left in the battery.

Maybe the most striking upgrade of the BrickPi is the improved case.  We’ve received a lot of feedback about our case, and how it could be improved by fully enclosing it.  The new case offers protection from all sides.  You can mount LEGO Technic to any side of the BrickPi.  The dimensions are redesigned to make them compatible with Technic dimensions.  We’ve also added labels to each of the ports to make it easy to see which port your sensor or motor is plugged into.

Finally, we’ve upgraded the power connection to a standard 5V barrel jack.  This will make the battery cable more secure to the BrickPi.

As with the BrickPi, the BrickPi+ is compatible with all versions of the Raspberry Pi.  All of our software remains compatible with the original BrickPi software.

We can’t wait to see what you make with the BrickPi+!



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