New Workbook: Beginning GPS for NXT Robots

GPS for NXT Robots Picture of the Cover of the WorkbookWe’ve just finished our first workbook! This book is a full introduction to the basics of GPS and with hands-on activities and tutorials on how to use all of the features of the GPS Sensor with NXT Robots. This workbook was written to bring the GPS system to life and help students understand it, explore it, and find new ways to use it. This workbook makes this sensor accessible to students and teachers with step-by-step projects and instructions that will get any student building GPS-guided robots in no time!

The book is loaded with NXT-G examples, projects, and can be used as a curriculum for the dGPS sensor for Mindstorms NXT.

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  1. Dennis June 7, 2011

    We taught a class last year using a regular bluetooth GPS and compass sensor with the NXT. The NXT had to travel to selected waypoints to reach a final destination. I’ll check this out.

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