Free dLights

dLight LED for LEGO

dLight on the front of a LEGO MINDSTORMS motorcycle.Aswin’s NXT time blog is giving away a free dLight set.  All you have to do is respond on his blog by April 1st.  We’re pretty sure this isn’t an April 1st prank; Aswin was the father of the dLight and helped us bring the dLight to fruition.

See more on the contest here.

If you haven’t seen his latest video, check it out here.

I mounted three dLights underneath Agilis, one under each leg pointing to the wheel. I programmed the dLights to give a color that corresponds to the wheel speed of the particular leg. I think the result looks cool.

If you look closely to the sensor ports in the video, you’ll notice that only one is in use. This is one of the great benefits of the dLights, you can daisy chain them. So one free port is all you need to give a robot multiple lights. One set contains four dLights plus the cables to chain them.


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