dSwitch Arrives

Check out our newest invention, the dSwitch! Watch a video or check out the site at http://dexterindustries.com/Products.html


  1. Aucoin January 1, 2010

    so can you set up the dswitch to respond to light or motion? then you can make your living room lights respond to motion! Say, have the lights turn on when they sense motion… then turn off when they don't sense motion for 15 minutes or something.

    Lots of possibilities!

  2. Dexter Industries January 1, 2010

    Yes, one step ahead of us! We're doing that right now, and tracking the watt hours saved, in our humble office. Data should be in in a few days.

  3. Aucoin January 9, 2010

    Great, looking forward to the results! Can you record the energy usage over a period of time with and without the dswitch?

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