dSolar Leak

This week, we wanted to give everyone a small hint about what’s coming soon from Dexter Industries.  We’ve been working for the past month on a solar power system for the Mindstorms NXT system.  That’s right, soon you’ll be able to power Lego Mindstorms robots with nothing but the sun.

Some pictures and a video of what we’ve been doing (click on the pictures for larger images) . . . .


  1. Ben June 11, 2010

    cool, does it work with the lego battery as regulated and baked power source? in other word, does it plug into the power jack of a regular LEGO battery, with some regulatory from a 12V panel, or does it embed an big cap?

  2. Dexter Industries June 12, 2010

    Hey Ben,

    Thanks for the question!

    The dSolar will come with a jack that can plug into the Lego Mindstorms battery pack. It will also come with adapters to go directly into the NXT.

    Big cap = Super Capacitor? For the more power-hungry in the crowd, we're going to have a Super Capacitor addition sold separately; it sure does help get the robots through shadows and clouds!

    Hope that helps!

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