dIMU Giveaway and dIMU Days!

Albino dIMU: Yours? Like us and win.

To kick off dIMU Days, we’re going to host our first giveaway since the dFlex giveaway.  This one is special . . .

We recently read about Snowflake, and Albino gorilla . . . the only known albino gorilla.  An Albino is . . . characterized by a complete lack of pigment.  The condition is rare and unique.  Snowflake was rare and unique.

"Hmm . . . how can I get that Snowflake dIMU?"

While trying out some new parts, a supplier shipped us a white Female NXT Port.  We only have two of these ports, making them rare and unique.  Our dIMU, dubbed “Snowflake” is, like a snow-flake, one of a kind.

This week we will be giving away our Snowflake Albino dIMU to one lucky winner.

“How can I win the Snowflake?”

You can win the Snowflake by visiting us on Facebook, and liking Dexter Industries Facebook Page, in the next week.  Already like us?  You’re entered!

At the end of the week, we will take everyone from the list, enter them into a random number generating page, and randomly select a winner.  We will announce the winner next Friday!


  1. Bill Johnson November 21, 2011

    cool sensor

  2. Jay November 21, 2011

    You should create a page on Google Plus. Many more geeks on there who have resisted Facebook to this point, like me.

    • Administrator November 22, 2011

      Hey Jay,
      Maybe next week or the following week? We’d like to do just that; we’ve got to think of a contest. Any ideas?

  3. Brian Bachmeier December 9, 2011

    Thanks for hosting the dIMU sensor giveaway. Has the winner already been announced?

    • Administrator December 15, 2011

      Thanks for keeping us honest! We were a little late because we had trouble contacting the winner, and wanted to keep it honest. We’ve just announced the winner here:


      We’ve also announced a Thank You on Facebook with a discount to sensor purchases for the next few days.

      Keep in touch!

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