dIMU: Deep Technical Dive and Review

Complicated GraphsThis post comes from the work done by Aswin, a self-proclaimed “Dutch Guy“.  Aswin is an expert in Inertial Motion Units, having developed one from parts he bought on sparkfun.  Because of this, we reached out to Aswin when we were developing the dIMU.  He’s done a lot of posts on Inertial Motion Units for the NXT, and he’s done a lot of math on Inertial Motion Units for the NXT.  He has also done a really cool video of the dIMU.

Aswin was instrumental in helping us develop the software behind the dIMU, and chasing the bugs out.  We would like to thank Aswin for this help, and for his recommendations on how to improve the sensor.

He has also written a really technical, really interesting review of the sensor.  Just like the dIMU, the review has come in two parts:

This review is very useful if you’re interested in some of the more technical aspects of the dIMU, and we highly recommend that you read it if you’re interested in the performance of the dIMU.

Aswin has put together a really cool video of the dIMU, working as a true gyroscope.  The video is below.




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