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Sebastian sent us this great video on Roberta.  The video is a great piece that covers LEGO® MINDSTORMS® in the classroom.

Even more interesting, the video is focused on girls in technology classes.  The video has a few short shots of the dFlex, our flexible sensor for the NXT at about 3:15 in the video.  A clever use, the user is using the dFlex taped to his hand, to control a robotic claw.

The video features Roberta:

Every year Roberta reaches more than 20.000 students in over 500registered Roberta Courses that fascinate for technology, math and Science (STEM)!  The concept, developed at Fraunhofer IAIS, shows impressively how the interest of young people, especially of girls, for technology and science can be raised. Students from the age of 10 years on are headed to the world of robotics!

Einstein vom 09.02.2012

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