Datalogging for Dexter Industries Sensors

Dexter Industries Thermal Sensor reading the temperature 2


We’ve added new NXT-G Blocks so you can start Data Logging with our educational sensors.

Data Logging was a complete mystery to us for years.  After some prodding from Damien Kee, we developed some blocks for data logging with our new Thermal Infrared Sensor.  These blocks are for use with the LEGO MINDSTORMS Education version of NXT-G.

And then we decided that we should be doing this for all of our data logging worthy sensors.

Climate Change or just a hot day in New York City

Is it climate change or just a hot day in New York City? You won't know until you log the data.

In our downloads section, we now have Education blocks that allow Data Logging with the following sensors:

If you’re a teacher and you need some help installing these blocks in the classroom, contact us!

What in the world is this robot doing and why has this been selected=

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  1. Education Education Education. So important to the future of the country!

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