Bazmarc's dSolar Creations

It’s a bird.  It’s a plane.  Wait, it’s really a few robots running across the earth powered, one way or another, by the dSolar 2W.

Bazmarc writes:

“This video is a compilation of many different experiments playing around with Dexter Industries new 2W dSolar Solar Panel.

TEST 1) It can power the NXT and run one NXT motor or be used to keep the NXT’s rechargeable battery charged on a sunny day.

TEST 2) I have successfully used it to power the NXTmux (a sensor that provides 2 extra motor port via one sensor port but requires external power source) I used the dSolar to power the NXTmux. On the video you’ll see the missile shooter motor being powered by the sun.

TEST 3) I used the dSolar to power a 2.4ghz wireless camera and at the sametime charge the NXT (using a standard phone Y splitter)

All in all, my expriments with dSolar’s Solar Panel where successful and fun.

But now it’s getting cold, gray and raining almost everyday so no more FUN in the SUN…. Next experiment will be a bright blue winter sky — NXT Snow Tracker SUN POWERED … stay tuned for that, later this winter!”

Like it?  Check out the dSolar web page here!


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