GoPiGo, the Raspberry Pi Robot that goes!

GoPiGo Robot for the Raspberry Pi

The GoPiGo is a complete build-your-own remote control robot.  Buy it now!

Even beginners can get it going.

  1. Quick: Assemble in 20 minutes or less with just a philips head screw driver. No soldering required.
  2. Easy: No prior expertise required. Full instruction set and tutorials available online.
  3. Open: All of our hardware, software and firmware is open source. Check out the code and designs on the Dexter Industries Github repo. Currently in Python & Scratch. Java coming soon.

Education on the go.

The GoPiGo is a great education tool whether you are in the classroom or on your kitchen table. Our full tutorials, projects & forums make it easy and fun for beginners to get started without any prior knowledge of computer science, programming, electronics or robotics.

The GoPiGo is built for the Raspberry Pi, which is a credit-card sized computer board designed for education. Here’s a little video from the Raspberry Pi non-profit foundation with a good explanation.

Developed to do things.

Below are some of the projects we have come up with for the GoPiGo. Please let us know what new ones you come up with and we will add them to the collection!

Nerf Cannon

Turn your GoPiGo into a robot that rolls around and shoots nerf darts.

Video Remote Control Robot

Watch live video of wherever your GoPiGo goes.

GoPiGo Moving Fast

It is really exciting to get the GoPiGo rolling around in all directions.

Check out more of the GoPiGo projects here.