Wifi Sensor for LEGO MINDSTORMS Release

Wifi Sensor for Lego Mindstorms NXT

The Wifi Sensor is now making connections all around the world!

The Dexter Industries Wifi sensor for LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT is released!

We’ve been working on this sensor for months now! We wanted to get it just right before releasing it and we’re pretty close. You may remember BotBench’s experiment a few months back, where Xander hooked his NXT up to the internet with the allowed anyone with an internet connection to control his NXT. Now, you can too.

Your robots can now talk to anyone, anywhere in the world.

The Dexter Industries Wifi sensor allows you to connect your NXT to the internet and other wifi-enabled devices.  You can check out the details on the product page here.

The sensor comes packed with functionality:  you can connect to the internet, and you can send and receive information via a telnet program, a web-browser, and even twitter!

Over the next week, we’ll be celebrating “Wifi Week”.

We will have a daily blog post with a demonstration example of what you can do with the Wifi sensor. We’ll start out today with a basic example of how to connect the wifi sensor to a WEP or WPA/WPA-2 network and get on the internet.

  • Monday: we will show you how to communicate directly with your computer (or any other computer) via TCP protocol.
  • Tuesday: we will show off some of the utilities that come with the DI Wifi such as power-saving, pinging, and DNS Lookup.
  • Wednesday: we will setup a webserver and log into our NXT to get the local temperature.
  • Thursday: we will show you how to make your NXT send a tweet.

If you just can’t wait,** Check out our Wifi Manual Wiki and our downloads section!

** We will release a full zip file of examples for RobotC on Thursday of next week after we’ve explained each example!  Until then, follow each day as we release a new, ever-more-exciting example of what you can do with the Wifi sensor!

Dexter Industries Wifi Sensor for LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT

Streaming Data to You All Week Long

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