PivotPi Starter Kit

PivotPi Starter Kit

PivotPi Starter Kit

The PivotPi Starter Kit includes everything you need to get started building animated robot projects! This kit includes the PivotPi board, battery pack, 2 large servo motors and 4 small servo motors, Raspberry Pi, Ethernet Cable, Power Adapter, and SD card.


Visit the PivotPi Product Tutorials & Documentation page for step-by-step tutorials, technical specs, detailed product pictures, and sample code libraries.

What’s included?

  • PivotPi Board
  • Battery pack and cable
  • 2 large servo motors
  • 4 small servo motors
  • plastic servo hardware accessories to attach your project to and make it move
  • Raspberry Pi (PivotPi is compatible with all version of the Raspberry Pi): This board is the main brains of the robot that will connect to the PivotPi board.
  • microSD Card: Required “hard drive” for the Raspberry Pi (you’ll get a blank sd card and you will have to download and install Dexter Industry’s custom software “Raspbian for Robots” or if you are a beginner, check out CINCH software.)
  • Ethernet Cable: Required for plugging in to your computer to program the PivotPi.
  • Power Supply: Wall plug to power your Raspberry Pi while you are programming it, rather than using the batteries.

If you already have the Raspberry Pi, SD card accessories, and just need the PivotPi and servos, check out the Base Kit.

What’s not included?

Suggested components required to make it a robot (NOT INCLUDED):

  • Batteries: PivotPi requires 4 AA batteries, which are not included.

What kind of stuff can I make with it?

Check out some of our projects like the waving edible gingerbread manflag waving serieself on a shelf, and animatronic snowman!

What else do I need to know?

  • Servo motors connect to the PivotPi.
  • The PivotPi works with all versions of the Raspberry Pi
  • Software examples and API are provided by Dexter Industries (open-source repository on Github)
  • Each PivotPi board can control up to 8 servos.
  • PivotPi boards can be daisy-chained together and connected to our other robots including the GoPiGo & GrovePi (through the Grove ports).
  • You can program the PivotPi in Python, Scratch, and other languages.