Grove Moisture Sensor

Grove Moisture Sensor

Grove Moisture Sensor

The Moisture Sensor allows you to measure water levels in things like soil or other porous materials. Great for use in a plant monitoring station with the GrovePi.


Projects that use the Moisture Sensor:

  • Plant Monitoring Station with GrovePi
  • Weather Station with GrovePi

The Grove – Moisture Sensor is used to detect the moisture levels in soil. It can be used to decide if the plants in a garden needs watering, and used in an automatic gardening project. NOTE: only the 2 gold colored prongs are waterproof – do not get any water or liquids on the blue board.  The sensor is not corrosion-proof and may corrode with long term constant use.

What’s included:

  • Grove Moisture sensor
  • Grove Cable

What else do I need that isn’t included?

Check out the GrovePi+ Starter Kit.

Works with:

  • GrovePi