Servo Package for the GoPiGo

Servo Package for the GoPiGo

Servo Package for the GoPiGo


SKU: 855947002590

The Servo Package is a device that rotates. It connects directly to the GoPiGo and enables you to control an attached sensor’s rotation with software. This package comes with the servo and mounting hardware for attaching an ultrasonic sensor or Raspberry Pi camera to the GoPiGo Raspberry Pi robot car.

What’s included?

What is a servo?

A servo is a simple electrical motor that rotates, and most importantly can be controlled and programmed to rotate based on other data.

Assembly instructions can be found here.

If you are looking for something that will move in a different way, check out the new PivotPi, which you can connect to the GoPiGo and make it turn just about anything!


See our installation video here on how to install the Camera and the Servo Package for the GoPiGo!


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