RoboCup Jr. Rescue with the Thermal Infrared Sensor

Logo Austrian RoboCup Team Petersgasse

Team high Frequency  in the RoboCup Junior Competition Using LEGO MINDSTORMS NXTDitemar writes to us about his teams recent victory in the Austrain RoboCup Junior Rescue Competition.  His team, “Austrian RoboCup Team Petersgasse” came in second and third in the Rescue B competition, using the DI Thermal Infrared Sensor for LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT.  He’s been kind enough to share some pictures and videos of the competition with us . . . .

Dietmar writes:

The RoboCup Junior is a worldwide  competition of developing  robots. Seven European nations  met at the „Austrian Open 2012“ in Hohenems (Austria).

The „Austrian RoboCup Team Petersgasse“ came second and third place  in the „rescue B“ competition. The idea behind this competition is to imitate an incident in a real catastrophe case, such as searching for victims alive after an earthquake.
The robots have to move in a maze and spot heated victims through illuminated lamps. We integrated Dexter Industries sensors and were able to change the I²C address in order to use 2 sensors at 1 port simultaniously. The platform of the robot was cut by a laser cutter at the Technical University of  Graz.

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