New Product: Breadboard Adapter for LEGO MINDSTORMS

Breadboard Adapter for LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT.We would like to announce a small, but important addition to the family:  the Breadboard Adapter for the LEGO MINDSTORMS.

This project was a bit of a “scratch your own itch” project: we were constantly searching for pull-down resistors when we were prototyping our sensors.  We wanted to never have to search around for a small 82k resistor again.

It’s also super-handy to have around whether you’re prototyping something or just debugging code: we like to use this with the Salae Logic Analyzer to see what our I2C is saying.

The breadboard adapter is just that: it’s a breadboard adapter for the LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT.  A couple of unique things about the Breadboard Adapter:

  • The adapter comes fully assembled.  No soldering required.
  • It comes with two 82k pulldown resistors built in.  These can be enable and disabled with the DIP switch.
  • We left this project open-source.  If you want to see how it works, go ahead: the schematics and board diagrams are all here for download.

The breadboard adapter is available through our website and Amazon.


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