Grove Sensor System

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Grove by Seeed Studios

Seeed Studios is one of our China-based partners that developed the Grove electronics system.

What’s Seeed Studios?

Internet of Things

Hundreds of modular sensors and actuators help you connect, monitor, control and even automate anything you can think of.

Our IoT /shop/grovepi-internet-things-initial-state-kit/Kit

Compatibility with Raspberry Pi

Dexter Industries built a board to connect this family of Grove sensors to the Raspberry Pi, called the GrovePi.

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Designed for creativity.

The GrovePi makes it easy to build sensors into the stuff in your life. With over 100 sensors available, you can build just about anything you can dream up! GrovePi is great for learning the basics, like getting an LED to blink, or for more advanced home automation projects like detecting leaks under your sink or feeding your cats while you’re on vacation!

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GrovePi Kits

Base Kit

Starter Kit

Classroom Kit

Grove Sensors

GrovePi works with over a hundred different Grove sensors, but here’s a few of the most popular.

Grove - Button
Grove - LED Socket Kit
Grove - Switch(P)
Grove - Light Sensor
Grove - Line Finder
Grove - Buzzer
Grove - Relay
Grove - Rotary Angle Sensor
Grove - Temperature Sensor
Grove - Sound Sensor
Grove - Vibration Motor
Grove - Ultrasonic Ranger
Grove - PIR Motion Sensor
Grove - OLED Display 96*96
Grove - Magnetic Switch
Grove - Touch Sensor
Grove - RTC
Grove - Thumb Joystick
Grove - 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer(±1.5g)
Grove - Temperature and Humidity Sensor
Grove - Temperature and Humidity Sensor Pro
Grove - Alcohol Sensor
2Coil Latching Relay.jpg
Grove - Air quality sensor.jpg
Grove – Collision Sensor photo.jpg
 Grove – Temperature and Humidity Sensor Pro
DryReed Relay.jpg
Grove - Electromagnet.jpg
Flame Sensor.jpg
Twig - Gas Sensor(MQ5).jpg
HCHO Sensor 01.jpg
Mosfet 01.jpg
Piezo Vibration Sensor.jpg
Axis Analog Gyro.jpg
Grove Solid State Relay 01.jpg
SPDT Relay(30A).jpg
Water sensor.jpg
4-Digital Display.jpg
Twig - PSD Sensor.jpg
Axis compass.jpg
3-Axis Digital Accelerometer16g.jpg
Digital Light Sensor.jpg
LED Bar shining.gif
Twig - Moisture Sensor.jpg
grove nfc.jpg
Twig - GPS.jpg



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Example Projects

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Visit our GrovePi Product Support & Documentation page for step-by-step tutorials, technical specs, detailed product pictures, and sample code libraries.