DIWIFI Weather: Improved

MattAllen37 has just released an updated version of Google Weather.  This was part of our WIFI Week 2, which were a series of posts on projects for the WIFI Sensor.

The original project read weather forecasts from Google Weather, and displayed them on the NXT.  The new project uses the  DIWIFI sensor for LEGO MINDSTORMS and is in RobotC.  It has some notable improvements:

The way the original program would read the incoming data limited speed to about 9600 Baud. I like to be able to run communications faster than that, so I made some modifications to allow up to 57600 Baud.

The data provided by Google includes more than just the current conditions, temp in C and F, and wind conditions. I added several things to allow the NXT to parse and display the humidity, and the data for the next forecasted day. The debug stream outputs all this, as well as the other three forecasted days.

Get the code and check out the project here:  http://mattallen37.wordpress.com/2012/04/03/diwifi-weather-with-robotc/


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