Control your LEGO MINDSTORMS with an iPhone or iPad

NXT controlled by an iPad

LEGO and Apple are now happily married together.

Have you ever wanted to control your robot with your iPhone, iPad, or MacBook?

Now you can!  The new websocket example software allows a user to dynamically control the robot from a webpage from a browser on a laptop, computer, smart-phone (Android and iPhone), or tablet device (Android and iPad).

LEGO NXT controlled by an iPadWith our latest version of “websockets” for Dexter Industries’ WIFI Module for the LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT, you can control a robot with your i-device.  We have assembled a really easy example here using RobotC.   We have also written an in-depth “How-To” on how to connect your LEGO MINDSTORMS to an iPhone, iPad, and Android.


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