Loading an Example sketch

Loading an Example sketch

This is a tutorial to get you started with the Arduberry. By the end of this tutorial, you should be able to upload your sketches to Arduberry.

Step1: Connect to the Arduberry

Slide the Arduberry on the Raspberry Pi and power it on. Connect to the VNC and open Arduino.


Step 2: Open an example

Open an example such as the Blink (File-> Example ->Basic ->Blink)


Step 3: Change the Board

Change the board to Arduino Uno from Tools->Boards->Arduino Uno


Step 4: Change the programmer

Change the programmer to Raspberry Pi GPIO from Tools->Programmer->Raspberry Pi GPIO


Step 5: Upload the Sketch to Arduberry

To upload the sketch to Arduberry press “Ctrl+Shift+U” or from “File->Upload using Programmer“. Normal upload does not work here.


Your Arduberry should now have a new sketch with the Blink program. Connect an LED to Pin 13 to test if it’s working properly.


Have a problem?  Post it on the forums and we’ll help you out.