Arduberry: Raspberry Pi and Arduino for the Rest of Us

  • The Arduberry on a Raspberry Pi
  • The Raspberry Pi with an LED.
  • Raspberry Pi and Adafruit's NFC Shield.
  • Raspberry Pi and Adafruit Near Field Communication Shield for Arduino
    Raspberry Pi and Adafruit's NFC Shield.
  • Arduberry Project with Raspberry Pi and Ultrasonic Range Finder
    The Raspberry Pi and a Ultrasonic Sensor.

Students, hackers, tinkerers unite!  The Arduberry is the shield you’ve been waiting for.  The Arduberry connects the Raspberry Pi and Arduino.

We love Arduino and we love Raspberry Pi.  We thought they should be together.  The Arduberry marries the Raspberry Pi and the Arduino.  Simple, elegant: all you need and nothing you don’t.


Our Kickstarter has finished!  We are now shipping the Arduberry.