Speaker for Raspberry Pi

Speaker for Raspberry Pi

Speaker for Raspberry Pi

This is a Speaker for your Raspberry Pi robot project! You can attach it to any version of the Raspberry Pi to give it loud and rich voice.


About Speaker for Raspberry Pi

The Speaker for the Raspberry Pi robot gives your Raspberry Pi robot a voice and sound. This speaker connects to the aux jack on the Raspberry Pi and can be used to play music, voice, and alerts. The Raspberry Pi Speaker has a rich and loud sound. It has its own power supply that can be charged with the USB port. The volume can be controlled with a button on the speaker, or from the Raspberry Pi.

What’s Included?

  • Speaker
  • Cable to plug it into your Raspberry Pi robot
  • Power supply

What else do I need to know?

The speaker works with all versions of the Raspberry Pi that have an audio jack (so, not the Pi Zero)

Assembly instructions can be found here.

If you are looking for something that will move in a different way, check out PivotPi, which you can connect to the GoPiGo and make it turn just about anything!

What are some projects that include the speaker?

  • EmpathyBot: Build an emotional intelligence robot: a robot that detects emotions.
  • BrickPi Candy Sorter: Build a machine to sort your Halloween candy, using the Raspberry Pi, the BrickPi, some LEGOs, and Google Cloud Vision.
  • Candy Counting Robot: Turn a robot costume into a candy-counting robot that talks!

Works with:

  • GoPiGo
  • BrickPi