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  • PivotPi Base Kit

    The PivotPi Base Kit is perfect for getting started with animated robot projects! Code anything in your world to move with 4 small servo motors and 2 large, powerful ones. This is a kit that includes the PivotPi board, battery pack, 2 large servo motors and 4 small servo motors. Now you can program your robotics, automation, and art projects to move!

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    Fast, long distance wireless communication the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® NXT. Just the adapter. No radio included. Configurable for XBee and XBee PRO. Slide an XBee or XBee PRO radio into the sockets and go! See what we’ve done with the NXTBee here.

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    Playstation DualShock Shield for the Arduino

    A Playstation DualShock controller interface for the Arduino. Slide this shield over your Arduino, plug in your controller, and you’ve got the awesome combination of a form-fitting controller and an open-source micro-controller.

    $19.99 $10.00