Arduino + Pi

Arduberry works with Arduino & the Raspberry Pi, a powerful little computer.

What is Raspberry Pi?     What is Arduino?

More Control

Arduberry allows you to access lower level functions on Arduino shields for more precise control.

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Stack as many Arduino shields as you want to do more  with Arduino without soldering!

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Arduino for the rest of us.

The Arduberry makes it easy to connect all kinds of Arduino sensors and shields to the Raspberry Pi! Now you can build just about anything you can dream up. This board will help you take your project to the next level, enabling you to integrate everything from GPS to motion detection.

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Why connect?

Arduino is a great learning and hacking technology that has been around for years, so there are many different shields and sensors for it. The Arduberry brings the Raspberry Pi and Arduino together, uniting two of the greatest hacking systems ever!
The Arduberry helps you connect Arduino shields & sensors to the Raspberry Pi. The device is a shield that slides over the Raspberry Pi and allows you to stack on Arduino shields. The Arduberry requires no physical configuration to work with most shields. You can write Arduino sketches (programs) right on your Raspberry Pi using Python, Scratch and other languages.

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Arduberry Products


Arduino GPS


Looking to connect Arduino shields and sensors to the Raspberry Pi? This board is for you!


Add easy navigation to your Arduino Uno, Leonardo, Mega, or Duemilanove. No antenna needed!

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Visit our Arduberry Product Support & Documentation page for step-by-step tutorials, technical specs, detailed product pictures, and sample code libraries. Have a particularly specific question? Check the Dexter forums.