Blink is the simplest Arduberry example project.  This example will show you how to blink an LED connected to the Arduberry.

Blink with Arduberry and Raspberry PiParts Needed

  1. Raspberry Pi
  2. Arduberry
  3. An LED
  4. A 330 ohm resistor
  5. Breadboard
  6. Jumper wires

Step 1 – Connect the LED

In this step we will wire up the LED using a breadboard.  Insert a 330-ohm resistor on a breadboard and connect it to pin 13 on the Arduberry. Attach the long leg of an LED (the positive leg, called the anode) to the resistor. Attach the short leg (the negative leg, called the cathode) to ground using a jumper wire. (NOTE: Disconnect the wire which connects to the LED before you upload the program from the Arduino IDE. Once the code is uploaded, then connect the LED and it should start blinking)

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ExampleCircuit_schOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAArduberry and Raspberry Pi Project Blink



Step 2 – Start the Raspberry Pi

Power on the Raspberry Pi with the Arduberry connected to it and open the Arduino program

open arduino

Step 3 – Run the Blink Sketch

Open the Blink example in Examples folder (Examples ->01.Basics->Blink) and change the programmer to RaspberryPi GPIO (Tools ->Programmer) hit upload or press Ctrl +Shift+U to upload the program. The LED will start blinking.


This example is derived from the Arduino Blink example.


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