GoBox International – Robot Subscription

GoBox International – Robot Subscription
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  • Line Follower for the Raspberry Pi Robot
  • Update the GoPiGo3 DexterOS Software

GoBox International – Robot Subscription

From: $47.97 every 3 months for 9 months and a $15.99 sign-up fee

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The GoBox subscription comes with a full GoPiGo robot car kit plus a year’s worth of new missions (and a total of 9 robot sensors) mailed quarterly! GoBox International ships everywhere outside the USA! USA customers check out GoBox USA. “Missions Only” option is available for those that already have the GoPiGo!


For International customers only (outside the USA, USA customers go to GoBox USA). GoBox comes with the newest GoPiGo3 full robot kit delivered along with Mission 1, 2 & 3 in the first month. Then, over the next 11 months, we’ll send you quarterly shipments of a total of 8 fun new missions for your robot to accomplish. A total of 9 sensors are included in GoBox.

If you already have the GoPiGo robot car, please select the “Missions Only” option, and you’ll receive quarterly shipments of Missions & new sensors!

The missions are in a story form of step-by-step instructions that take you through the whole experience. You’ll have full access to our video library and support forums as well. The monthly sensors include the light sensor, sound sensor, ultrasonic sensor, buzzer, LED, motion sensor, button sensor, infrared sensor, and the brand new GoPiGo Line Follower. Missions teach you how to program your GoPiGo robot car & accompanying sensors in Scratch to accomplish tasks and learn new concepts!

Mission 1 includes everything you need to get started with the GoPiGo, including the following items:

Subsequent Missions include a full Mission Booklet with instructions along with the following sensors, spread out over the following 11 months, delivered in quarterly packages.

  • light and color sensor
  • sound sensor
  • distance sensor
  • buzzer
  • LED
  • motion sensor
  • button sensor
  • infrared sensor & remote control
  • GoPiGo Line Follower

Read more on the GoBox page. For USA customers, go to GoBox USA.

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GoBox Int'l, Mission Only

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