GoBox Extension for Kickstarter Backers

GoBox Extension for Kickstarter Backers

GoBox Extension for Kickstarter Backers



This product is for GoBox Kickstarter backers that want to extend their subscription and received the current Scratch GoBox Missions 8-12. They will all ship together at the end of November. Mission booklets for Missions 8-12 as well as the PIR Motion Sensor, Button, Infrared Sensor & Remote Control, and Line Follower are all included! This product is NOT ON BACKORDER, and will ship in November 2016.

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This product is only for GoBox Kickstarter backers who want to upgrade from the 6-Mission package to the full 12-Mission package. You have already received Mission 1-7, so this purchase will include Missions 8-12. They will arrive ALL TOGETHER in late November.

Missions 8-12 will include:

Mission 8:

  • Mission 8 Booklet
  • PIR Motion Sensor

Mission 9:

  • Mission 9 Booklet
  • Button

Mission 10:

  • Mission 10 Booklet
  • Infrared Sensor & Remote Control

Mission 11:

  • Mission 11 Booklet
  • Line Follower for GoPiGo

Mission 12:

  • Mission 12 Booklet, “Bridge to Python”
  • Code for all of the Mission 1-12 in Python!

This product is not on backorder, even if the website says it is. It will ship all together in November 2016.

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GoBoxEd Classroom Kit, Mission Only Classroom Kit

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