Obstacle Avoidance Using the NXTBee (Video) 1

Obstacle Avoidance Using the NXTBee (Video)
We were alerted to this awesome video of the NXTBee: obstacle avoidance.  The NXTBee is used to send data back to a computer where it is processed and gives commands on how to proceed.   Did you like this? Share it:Tweet

NXTBee USB Giveaway 2

NXTBee USB Giveaway
A few weeks back we announced a new product, the NXTBee USB adapter.  The adapter connects your NXT NXTBee’s to a computer. Now, we’re going to give one away . . . Did you like this? Share it:Tweet

Underwater Robot with the NXTBee 3

Underwater Robot with the NXTBee
Brane wrote us with a project he did for his engineering coursework that uses our NXTBee XBee Radio for LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT: I just though that I should mention that I have used a pair of your nxtBee modules for a final year engineering project where I built an underwater vehicle using a lego mindstorms ...

Distance Testing the NXTBee

Distance Testing the NXTBee
We recently wanted to distance test the NXTBee.  In this post, we review some of the distance results of testing the distance of the NXTBee XBee radios for LEGO MINDSTORMS. The NXTBee has some major advantages over the Bluetooth module found on the LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT.  The advantages include: Did you like this? Share it:Tweet

leJOS Class for NXTBee

leJOS Class for NXTBee
Mark at Mastincrosbie.com has just released a leJOS class for the NXTBee.  The new class makes it easy to integrate wireless communications with the NXTBee into your LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT project. The new software can be found on Marks website here: http://mastincrosbie.com/Marks_LEGO_projects/leJOS_driver_for_NXTBee.html Mark has done some incredible projects with the NXTBee, including his LEGO Streetview ...

NXTBee Direct Communication (Beta)

We’ve recently been working on an example to communicate directly to individual XBee radios.  The NXTBee allows for mesh-networking and a whole lot of other really awesome capabilities of the XBee radio system.  One of those capabilities is to be able to send messages directly on a single radio, and only that radio. Did you ...

New NXTBee Library

Mark Crosbie recently developed an advanced, yet easy to use library for the NXTBee.  The library surpasses anything we’ve developed for the NXTBee in terms of ability to send data: both for ease of use and for advanced user capabilities.  The library also comes with a Java class for developing programs to communicate with your ...

RoboCupJunior Discount: NXTBee

RoboCupJunior Discount: NXTBee
Discount on NXTBee for RoboCupJunior teams!  If you are a RoboCupJunior team that would like to use the NXTBee for communications between LEGO™ MINDSTORMS™ NXT’s in your competitions, we want to support you. Did you like this? Share it:Tweet

Live Plotting Map Data from the dGPS

This is a fantastic program put together by Mark Crosbie.  Mark wrote a program using the dGPS and the NXTBee to plot his car’s location on a map, and send information back to his computer.  While this is a very advanced project, Mark has broken it down step-by-step in NXC. See Mark’s project on his ...

Multirobot Roundup

Multirobot Roundup
The folks at RoboticsAcademy continue to do some awesome work. We recently saw a few videos that might spark the imagination: they’re doing some work in Multi-Robot programming where one robot will find it’s way through a maze, and direct the other on how to solve a similar problem. The videos are fun to watch ...