WIFI Week: Twitter Temperature 2

WIFI Week: Twitter Temperature
In or final instalment of WIFI Week, we’ll show you how to send a Tweet to a twitter account. In this example, we will take a temperature with the DI Thermometer, and embed it in a tweet. To post to twitter, our program uses a twitter service at Tweet Library for Arduino and the built ...

Free dFlex(s)!

Win a free Dexter Industries dFlex!  To celebrate the dFlex landing, we’re offering two free dFlexae:  one through Twitter, and one through Facebook.  Check out or website for more information on the contest:  http://dexterindustries.com/contest.html Did you like this? Share it:Tweet

Tired of Turning off the Lights? Saving Electricity with the dSwitch and the TweetaWatt 1

Earlier we posted on how we used some free time over the holidays to make Adafruit’s Tweet-A-Watt project. We wanted to see if we could combine the device with the dSwitch and conserve some energy around the office. We wrote a quick program that “listens” for a human, and turns the lights off if no ...

How much electricity does a christmas tree use?

To celebrate Christmas, we decided to see just how much electricity those Christmas lights on our tree burn up (Merry Christmas Mr. Gore!). Not really because we’re concerned about global warming, but more because we were interested in the XBee, and the really cool project from adafruit.com. In a nutshell, this thing takes an off-the-shelf ...

Dexter Industries is Now on Twitter!

Dexter Industries is now on Twitter: @dexterind Did you like this? Share it:Tweet