BrickPi Projects From the Forums

BrickPi Projects From the Forums
This week we wanted to share a few projects that have already started coming out, using the BrickPi.  These three projects were shared on our forums. Did we miss yours?  Let us know about your project in the forums and we’ll add it in! Alpha “pi” Rex - The first humanoid project we’ve seen! Shellby ...

NXTBee and The Flying Fortress LEGO Blimp 3

NXTBee and The Flying Fortress LEGO Blimp
We recently discovered this fantastic video of a LEGO MINDSTORMS creation: The Flying Fortress LEGO Blimp.  The project is a fantastic two-ballooned flying blimp made of LEGOs and controlled with a pair of NXTBees. Did you like this? Share it:Tweet

Announcing 2012 MoonBots A Google Lunar X PRIZE LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Challenge!

Announcing 2012 MoonBots A Google Lunar X PRIZE LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Challenge!
This year Dexter Industries will be partnering with Google X-Prize and LEGO MINDSTORMS to bring you the 3rd Annual MoonBots Challenge! Did you like this? Share it:Tweet

DIWIFI Weather: Improved

MattAllen37 has just released an updated version of Google Weather.  This was part of our WIFI Week 2, which were a series of posts on projects for the WIFI Sensor. The original project read weather forecasts from Google Weather, and displayed them on the NXT.  The new project uses the  DIWIFI sensor for LEGO MINDSTORMS ...

dCompass Ideas, Giveaway 1

Guy NXT door has just announced a dCompass giveaway on his website.  Learn about it here. His latest post is a brainstorm of ideas for what the dCompass can be used for.  At the heart of the sensor is a magnetic field detector (the dCompass finds north by finding magnetic north).  And magnetic field detectors ...

GENIUS Team Project for FLL

The GENIUS FLL team from Atlanta Georgia have written and shared their competition project for the Body Forward 2010-2011 Project: a smart cooler!  These ladies have done an incredible job of putting together a smart fridge the call the “Cool Factor” .  The Cool Factor uses two Dexter Industries temperature sensors to monitor the temperature of ...

Live Plotting Map Data from the dGPS

This is a fantastic program put together by Mark Crosbie.  Mark wrote a program using the dGPS and the NXTBee to plot his car’s location on a map, and send information back to his computer.  While this is a very advanced project, Mark has broken it down step-by-step in NXC. See Mark’s project on his ...

Segway Roundup with the dIMU

Segway Roundup with the dIMU
To finish off our week of dIMU posts, we thought we’d share some videos.  One of the most amazing things you can make with the dIMU is a balancing robot, similar to a Segway.  We’ve all seen this before, but here is a roundup of different Segways that you can build, some bloopers from when ...

Lego Street View Car: Part 2

Sequels are rarely better than the original.  But Mark Crosbie has done a fantastic job making the first LEGO Street View Car into an even better LEGO Street View Car.  This is NOT the sequel that bombed. Some may remember that a few months ago, Mark assembled a technological monument in taking the Google Streetview ...

NXTBee Tutorial

NXTBee Tutorial just published   The tutorial is part video and part text, with some great examples.  It slowly walks you through how to setup the NXTBee, what the code is doing, and how to get it to work! Did you like this? Share it:Tweet