leJOS Class for NXTBee

leJOS Class for NXTBee
Mark at Mastincrosbie.com has just released a leJOS class for the NXTBee.  The new class makes it easy to integrate wireless communications with the NXTBee into your LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT project. The new software can be found on Marks website here: http://mastincrosbie.com/Marks_LEGO_projects/leJOS_driver_for_NXTBee.html Mark has done some incredible projects with the NXTBee, including his LEGO Streetview ...

DI WIFI Week 2: Lejos for WIFI

DI WIFI Week 2:  Lejos for WIFI
LeJOS examples for the WIFI Module for LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT. We’re very happy to announce that we now have drivers and examples for the WIFI module in LeJOS. We’ve written about LeJOS before and we find it an absolutely awesome programming environment. A very heartfelt thanks to Lasse for developing these drivers.  He is part of ...

dCompass and Java

Aswin has done a really thorough job of developing some java drivers for the dCompass. We’ve posted them on our website, under downloads. Thank you Aswin! Aswin has done some other really impressive programming with the dIMU and the dCompass. You can see his website for how he combined the dCompass and the dIMU into ...

dIMU Days: Lejos!

Check out his awesome video of a 3-D drawing moving around on the NXT screen with the dIMU! And be sure to visit his site with your fantastic dIMU idea and enter to win a dIMU! Did you like this? Share it:Tweet