Winner: dSwitch For LEGO MINDSTORMS Giveaway

Thanks to everyone who participated in our contest last week!  We had some fabulous ideas for how to use the dSwitch that included: Did you like this? Share it:Tweet

dSwitch For LEGO MINDSTORMS Giveaway 4

dSwitch For LEGO MINDSTORMS Giveaway
To help announce our re-introduction of the dSwitch, we’re going give away a free one this week.  Wait, what’s the dSwitch?  The dSwitch is a controller designed to be used with LEGO® MINDSTORMS® NXT hardware and software.   The dSwitch controls any appliance in your house, such as a light, a toaster, or anything else you ...

(re)Introducing the dSwitch

(re)Introducing the dSwitch
This week we are re-introducing the dSwitch for LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT.  The dSwitch is a device that controls appliances such as a lamp, toaster, or other device with the LEGO MINDSTORMS brick. We ran out of dSwitch stock for a while, we used the opportunity to re-design it a bit.  The dSwitch now uses the ...

dSwitch with RobotC and Lejos

In this post, we just want to cover how to use the dSwitch with two languages: RobotC and Lejos.  To use the dSwitch in NXT-G, see our website for the block. Did you like this? Share it:Tweet

Temperature Control For Brewing Beer

Humans have been brewing beer for thousands of years.  Crucial to quality brewing is temperature control.  Two typical steps in the process are steeping grains and the boil.  Both steps require strict temperature control; getting it wrong can make a mess, and even more tragic, destroy the beer  Learn more about how to avoid tragedy ...

Tired of Turning off the Lights? Saving Electricity with the dSwitch and the TweetaWatt 1

Earlier we posted on how we used some free time over the holidays to make Adafruit’s Tweet-A-Watt project. We wanted to see if we could combine the device with the dSwitch and conserve some energy around the office. We wrote a quick program that “listens” for a human, and turns the lights off if no ...

dSwitch Aquasaurs Temp Monitor by

Dave Astolfo’s Plastibots blog recently put together a really clever aquarium monitor and temperature controller using some clever programming and the dSwitch. Check it out here: If you have a clever use for the dSwitch, write us or send us a message through Facebook! Check out the dSwitch here. Did you like this? Share ...

The Clapper – Revisited 1

Clap on. Clap off. Watching old TV shows, we remembered that old advertisement and a light bulb clapped on in our heads. With lots of time on our hands over the weekend, we put a simple clapper together to turn the lights on and off. Then we thought, it’d be pretty cool to have some ...

dSwitch Arrives 3

Check out our newest invention, the dSwitch! Watch a video or check out the site at Did you like this? Share it:Tweet