A New Year Without Wires 2

A new year, a new project!

We’re cooking up something new at Dexter’s labs: a wireless sensor.  Working with some partners at Carnegie Mellon’s Robotics Academy and ROBOTC in development of hardware in support of CMU’s Fire Project, we’re developing a wireless sensor that will be able to reach up to 90 meters or 300 feet.  The device uses XBee radios to communicate between NXT’s.

The possibilities are endless . . .

We should have this rolled out within a month or so.  Check back for updates soon!

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2 thoughts on “A New Year Without Wires

  1. Reply TC Wan Feb 25,2011 12:45 pm

    I’m interested in these sensors for inter robot comms. However what is the max throughput since you’re using the NXT i2c ports I presume?

  2. Reply Administrator Feb 25,2011 4:11 pm

    This sensor actually uses Port 4 RS485 communications, so it’s much faster than I2C. We have run it up to a baud rate of 115200. That’s over 100 kbps.

    The I2C port communicates at 9600 bits/second (9.6 kbps).

    Hope that helps!

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