Their passion is robotics. The following retailers share our vision and carry Dexter Industries sensors and other Lego Mindstorm NXT products.

Active Robots

Offering our sensors to The United Kingdom.

Building Blocks

Offering our sensors to Malaysia.

Digital World

Bringing our sensors to Korea

EducaTec AG

Offering our sensors to Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and other parts of Europe.

Effectual Devices

Evolution Toys and Effectual Robotics carries our sensors in Singapore and Asia. Dexter Industries Mindstorms NXT sensors. Bringing our sensors to Singapore and nearby countries.

Generation Robots

"The personal programmable robot specialist."
Offering our sensors in France.

Generation Robots in English




Offering our sensors in The United States. /

RoboProduct Japan

Offering our sensors in Japan.


Offering our sensors in Italy!


Offering our sensors to the United States, Canada, and International Customers.


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